Slab countertops can add a glamorous (and expensive) feeling to a kitchen, bath–or any room. 

They're durable and easy to care for but must be cleaned properly. Here are some tips for cleaning your slab countertops.

Know that every stone has different requirements

This is the very first thing to keep in mind. Please don't assume you can clean granite slabs like your neighbor does their concrete.

Concrete is aggregate material that includes stone pebbles and sand in its composition. It can handle bleach to remove tough stains and has an acidic sealant.

All of that will harm granite countertops, marble, or other stones. It's a popular cleaner for many materials, like tile, vinegar, and water, but it will damage the stone.

Clean daily

This might be the best tool! Mix one teaspoon of dishwashing cleaner into four cups of water. 

Put it in a spray bottle. Spay after meal preparation and wipe. It’s preferable to use a clean microfiber cloth.

Seal regularly

Some stones are more porous than others. Being porous means it will absorb spills more easily and stain.

Regular sealing protects the stone. It enhances hygienic and anti-bacterial properties and makes cleaning easier with these kitchen countertops. For instance, granite is highly porous but, when sealed properly, makes cleaning a breeze. 

Others, like engineered quartz countertops, don't need it at all. Be sure to check with the experts and follow the guidelines exactly. 

In addition:

  1. Tough stains can often be removed with a baking soda/hydrogen peroxide paste. Do check with the expert or manufacturer's website for additional recommendations.
  2. Put a little cooking oil on a clean white cloth and blot for additional shine. This works well, especially for granite.

Your experts on kitchen countertops

Slab countertops will last for years, but they must be handled properly. And that's why Carpet USA is giving you these cleaning tips! We also have over 40 years of experience, great prices, and outstanding service. 

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