Yes, because we all can drop or spill! Even when the carpet is installed in a room only used for formal occasions, there can still be a spill from red wine, coffee, or food.

What’s stain protectant?

It's a spray that mills apply with a carpet brush. It absorbs into fibers to repel stains. 

Think of the protectant as an invisible shield. They create a barrier against stains, spills, and dirt– which, in turn, protects the rugs' appearance and maintains color.

So, if your new white carpet does get red wine spilled on it, there won’t be a permanent stain. You can also apply your own; the carpet store experts will advise further.

Should I use it even if the fiber is non-absorbent?

Absolutely! Some, like polyester and olefin, are hydrophobic, meaning they won't absorb. A protectant only enhances that capability.

Also, protectants are now added to fibers during the manufacturing process. This makes the colors more vibrant and permanent with excellent fade resistance. But you will need to re-apply.

You can find many of those fibers in our showroom called "solution dyed." Some examples are Jackson Hole by DW Flooring and Chandler Bay by Phenix. 

Feel free to come in and learn more when shopping for carpet in Vancouver, WA.

It should also be noted that while olefin is non-absorbent and stain resistant, it's not soil resistant. Therefore, a protectant also protects that rug from dirt and grit.

Advantages of a protectant include:

  1. Slower soiling 
  2. Staying clean longer 
  3. Easier cleaning 
  4. Extending carpeting lifespan 
  5. It prevents water- and oil-based stains from penetrating, making them more easily removed. 
  6. Preserving color

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