When shopping for carpet, you want your home to be stylish! You also want the rug to have a long lifespan; flooring's a significant investment.

The best way to determine what rug is best for your living room is to look at your lifestyle and budget. But, of course, it also depends on how you plan to use the space.

Some living rooms are ultra busy. Others are used only for guests.

Three main carpet types

You will hear the words "rug pile" a lot. Pile is how the yarns are attached to the carpet's backing. So come into our showroom when you're shopping for carpet in Vancouver, WA, and you'll see beauties like Archetype by Kane Carpet.

There are three main piles:  loop, cut-pile, and cut and loop. They can have twisted fibers, various yarn heights, or different textures, such as plush or trackless.  

Be sure to tell our staff exactly how and where you plan to install it.  

About the looped pile

These include Berber and level loop styles. Both are highly durable and great for high-traffic areas.

Cut piles:  various fiber lengths

The primary cut pile has short, evenly-sheared fibers. It is used anywhere. Other styles that you'll see in our carpet store include:

1.High pile rugs, like the shag, are best for low-traffic areas.

2.Frieze, long-ish fibers that twist and curl. Durable.

3.Saxony, a medium pile. Much depends on the texture, whether plush or trackless.

4.Low pile rugs, durable, and easy to keep clean. Great for high traffic.

Cut and loop: just as it sounds

Various fiber lengths create patterns such as diamonds and pin dots.

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