We know you have questions if you're preparing to remodel your countertops. You'll have a range of choices in materials and services, so understanding them is crucial.

When slab-type products are essential to you, you'll want to know more about them. And here are some facts that could help your shopping process.

What are slab countertops?

These products feature construction using a single slab of natural stone. Other materials are sometimes used, but they are all custom cut.

These options allow you to create the custom results you need from countertop slabs. And the results will be one-of-a-kind and specific to your needs.

What are the options in slab materials?

Any natural stone can be custom cut to fit your specific needs. But other materials like quartz often offer prefabricated pieces as well.

You'll enjoy a variety of edging, veining, patterns, and colors, to name a few benefits. And customizing the sink cutouts and other options is easier as well.

The lifespan of these countertops is longer

The benefits you gain from quartz countertops like these include an excellent lifespan. You'll see these countertops last 50 years with proper installation and care.

The harder the materials are and less porous, the longer they can last. And they'll perform better under pressure as well.

We have the countertops you need

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