Some say the cabinets are an essential kitchen element, but many say it's the kitchen countertops. They perform both an aesthetic and functional role, often becoming a focal point of the room. Read today's post to learn what's trending in slab countertops. 

Slabs and fabrication

Fabrication is creating a structure by cutting, bending, and assembling. You'll hear it is frequently used with stone slabs; one of our specialties is granite fabrication.

A slab countertop differs from a prefab; slabs are large chunks of stone taken to a fabricator who will create the countertop. They are thicker, with more design options than prefab.

Slabs come from all over the globe, so veining and color variations will give your slab countertops in Vancouver, WA, a unique and distinctive look. Prefab means the stone was cut to fit a standard countertop.

Trending stones

Slabs are typically associated with granite, marble, and soapstone. However, quartz countertops are increasingly becoming an option and are currently trending.  

Quartz has a beautiful sparkly, reflective look in colors that range from white to gray and cream and black; some have veining that makes it look like marble.

Terrazzo is showing up on more counters this year. This composite “stone” is a mixture of marble, granite, and quartz, chips with some glass or shells.

Popular colors

Slab countertops in blue, green, brown, black–or neutrals, like white, gray, or cream– are all the rage. One trendy look is an off-white quartz with dark veins.  


Polished finishes will always be popular. Quartz, especially, looks terrific when polished. Honed comes in next; it's somewhere between polished and matte.  

Edge treatments

Eased or straight edge is the most popular, followed by half bullnose and bullnose rounded edges. 

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