Walking into the carpet store, you'll most likely hear about grooming. It isn't the same as just vacuuming.

Although it's a fast and easy procedure, it works wonders for your rug's appearance. It's a quick and straightforward procedure that will also extend the life of your carpet.

What is carpet grooming?

It is when you use a carpet brush or rake–or even a soft-bristled broom–to "sweep" the carpet before vacuuming or deep cleaning. 

It loosens the dirt and makes the fibers stand up. You won't believe your eyes when you see how much dust comes up!

The best analogy for groomed carpet is to think of a yard after raking. Consider how great the outside landscape is; your carpet will look just as great now.

Accommodating different-shaped floors

Rooms aren't perfect squares. And they often have baseboards, door sills, and other places the vacuum can't reach. But you can reach it with a rake or brush.

For example, I have a marble transition between one of my bedrooms and the bath. The vacuum can't get under it. So, I sweep it all out and then vacuum.

Carpet advantages include:

  1. Style. There’s a carpet color and design for every decor and budget. In our carpet store, you'll see styles from looped to cut-piles to cut-and-loop—designs like Amesbury by Kane Carpet or Toast of the Town by Dream Weaver.
  2. Sound reduction. 
  3. Softness from hard falls.
  4. They improve indoor air quality. Carpets trap pollutants and particles in their fibers, where they remain until deep cleaned. This removes them from the breathing zone.

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