Your carpet fiber choice will be the most critical decision you make. Fiber determines the rug's appearance, performance–and longevity.

Nylon, a synthetic fiber, is the most popular choice. It accounts for well over 50 percent of all broadloom sold.

It was invented by DuPont and entered the carpet scene in the mid-1950s.

Benefit #1- extreme strength

Nylon carpet is the best choice for large families with kids and pets. It stands up to the heaviest wear and abrasion.

Benefit #2–excellent resiliency

Nylon has excellent resiliency. This is the ability to bounce back into shape after compression, such as footprints or heavy furniture. Again, carpet store professionals can give you more information.

Without good resiliency, carpet fibers will compress or collapse, creating unsightly dents that become more noticeable when rearranging furniture.

This is called crushing and usually occurs in heavy foot-trafficked spaces.

Benefit #3–inherent hypoallergenic properties

Especially in a low pile style (short yarns), a nylon carpet can be one of the best choices for homes with allergy sufferers. They're easy to clean and repel dirt, moisture, mold, and mildew. 

Benefit #4–excellent stain resistance

Especially when a protectant is used, stain resistance is superior. We can thank modern technological advances for your carpet in Vancouver, WA.

At this point, we also need to mention solution-dyed nylon. This type of manufacturing gives the nylon yarns permanent color throughout, making it both stain and fade-resistant.

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