If you're looking for the perfect carpet, you'll need the proper padding underneath it. No skipping this step, no matter how plush the carpeting you choose.

Padding does so much for the flooring and helps it reach its intended lifespan. You'll want to learn more about this vital piece before shopping.

What does padding do?

One of the essential things your padding does is protect your carpeting. It helps protect against bunching, wrinkling, and premature wear, especially in busy areas.

But it can also add impressive underfoot comfort. When combined with the plushness of the carpet installation, it increases softness.

Another job padding has to offer added heat retention and noise suppression. If you have a busy home, these features are well appreciated.

Is it hard to find the proper padding?

Each padding has its own set of characteristics for your flooring. Your flooring professionals will be able to help you pick the perfect match.

Please don't assume that softer is better when you consider the padding by itself. These products work in tandem with the flooring you choose for a complete experience.

With your carpet experience, we'll give you all the details you need about the padding. And we'll answer all your questions while you're here.

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